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There is a bit of a handwriting analysis competition going on at Swiss Toni's place.

My disclaimer for my involvement is that the views expressed are NOT professional diagnosis, and are just an OPINION taken directly from a book. No single additional thought has been added and its all just a 'match' from a book to the samples.

That aside, for those with a good sense of humour and firm ground in non-letigious reality, check it out, its quite a laff!

Busy Busy Busy


Stuck on a train again so some time to update this. We've been very busy of late. Went to see a play on saturday, "And then there were none" - by Agatha Christie. Quite good, but not as good as The mousetrap - also by Christie. Work is keeping us both busy during the week, and our weekends go faster and faster as we continue to do Everything else other than housework. Was pleased with the Indian cricket results, beating sri lanka and drawing with south africa is good for the young team. Speaking of teams I've been discussing team format and motivation with a colleague at work and its got me wondering what i should try to aim for in life. Since they are raising retirement ages to 70 here, its about time i thought about what i can stomache doing until then! Anyway back to the commute.

While the world gets a BMW/Merc/Toyota etc...


Icy and I are getting this:

A ford focus 1.6 Ghia automatic in Jeans Blue.

I rather like it :) We test drove an automatic, same size engine, it was a dream. We upgraded to a Ghia from a Zetec climate due to the bits and bobs that would make it worthwhile over 10 years. Should be a good buy methinks.

[it's Icy's car btw, I have my 306 still - for now!]



...Guess who's going to see Chelsea vs. Newcastle today?

Go on, guess?

The Corporation vs The Num Num


I have a vision that I caught back in 1997. I caught it whilst I was sitting at my desk in my offices in middle England, overlooking a field of cows. The vision was one that was born of my core ethics and my like for all things IT. It is a simple vision at heart, involving a few simple ingredients:
  • a group of IT specialists, or just consultancy type folk, who get along, and are very good at what they do.
  • the same group possess high morals that prevent them from causing mass harm to others
  • the same group possess a desire to try to run a company that is carbon neutral (I had the idea before the term was formulated)
  • these people operate a fairly profitable business, helping people achieve IT stability and designing and installing quality systems
  • these people have agreed to donate 10% of all profit to greenpeace
  • these people have agreed to donate 10% of all profit to local schools
  • these people have agreed to donate 10% of all profit to 3rd world charities for free water
Originally I called it Greenpeace IT, since I believed it needed underwriting by the organisation.

I've just watched The Corporation. It is a most amazing documentary and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has an idea of what really matters in life (and if you are all about profit, then you are not really one of those people, so sorry, its not one of your type of films).

That dvd, has made me realise that my vision can still become a reality.

The idea of a sustainable, carbon neutral organisation, that actually does what the main capitalist companies do, but ethically, morally, and responsibly, is NOT UTOPIA.

The only thing stopping it from actually happening is that initial meeting of that group of people, who would form that company.

Its not impossible, I can see it now. The documentary featured the CEO of Interface carpets, he went from being uninterested in environmentalism to being passionate about sustainable companies, and has reduced his carbon output by 33% in the past few years. He's showing it can be done.

And then you have this - the laws of life and capitalism dictate that you do NOT need to make 85 billion dollars of profit just to be successful. You are successful if you are able to make a living and keep your customers happy. And the new criteria is that you are not a DRAIN on society in the process, but a valuable CONTRIBUTOR.

My company wouldnt need to make 100million in profit. It wouldn't need to make 500,000 in profit. It would only need to make 10 pounds in profit, of which we would donate it all. The more we make, the more we donate. Whats in it for us? A good decent salary to try to lead a socially responsible life at home, and the knowledge that the company is viable and thus profit goes back to society.

Now tell me, what is wrong with that vision?
Why wouldnt it work?
Why haven't I done it yet?

What makes a big IT firm successful? the profit or the people? And if the people sign up for my vision and we donate our profits are we successful?

Friday Funnies

I've run out of gadgetary time (more like work is driving me like a slave, and I've no money to spend on toys anymore now that I'm in debt to my eyeballs!)

So time for some Friday Funnies instead:


Those coincidences again...


I use My Yahoo! to show me a daily page of news, oddbits, emails, and cartoons (mostly US political ones, very funny, sometimes posted here for a laugh).

One of the things I look at now and then is a horrorscope - my sisters got me into it I guess. Anyway, they are largely guff, since they cannot possibly be meant for every human born during a period, but sometimes they show an eerie set of coincidences that are amusing.

This month's Career forecast is an example...Behold all ye capricorns, enjoy!

Monthly career (by Astrology.com)
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd, you are clear as a bell as far as what you want (and when, and from whom) at work. It's like your path to the future suddenly opened before you, each step shining with clarity and purpose! Go ahead and follow that path, but be ready to make adjustments as you go. The 9th, watch out for any untoward financial schemes (they could cost you!). The 11th, you could be giving, and receiving, a whole bunch of help at work. Figure out a way to have it all -- a job you like, time for friends and family and even some outdoor time -- on the 14th. The 19th is a good time to deal with any unexpected work issues that come up (even though it's Saturday). The 23rd, exercise extreme caution at work, and the 28th, don't forget about all the folks who have helped you get where you are now. -


Oh how I do love a mystery play


After Icy and I had a most wonderful time watching The Moustrap (the worlds longest runnign play) last year, we have finally managed to get ourselves into seeing another play - yes its another Agatha Christie play!

We're off to see And Then There Were None later this month, with the delightful Ninny Pinny. We'll make a day of it, with a nice dinner afterwards to disect the play's finer points as most civilised persons are prone to do.

I went a bit lavish and booked Dress Circle tickets, even though they are twice the price of stalls - they are most wonderful in the view they afford you.

More news later - time for some work now - will be popping into various blog-homes this weekend for sure!

The age of aquarius?


The 11 Insights
1st Insight
"1. Feeling restless? You're not alone: Everybody's starting to look for more meaning in life. Start paying closer attention to those seemingly "chance coincidences", strange occurrences that feel like they were meant to happen. They are actually synchronistic events, and following them will start you on your path to spiritual truth."
2nd Insight
"2. Observe our culture within its proper historical context. The first half of the past millennium was spent under the thumb of the church; in the second half we became preoccupied with material comfort. Now, at the end of the twentieth century, we've exhausted that preoccupation. We're ready to discover life's ultimate purpose."
3rd Insight
"3. Start to get acquainted with the subtle energy that infuses all things. With practice, you can learn to see the aura around any living being and to project your own energy around it to give it strength."
4th Insight
"4. An unconscious competition for energy underlies all conflicts. By dominating or manipulating others, we get the extra energy we think we need. Sure, it feels good, but both parties are damaged in the conflict."
5th Insight
"5. The key to overcoming conflict in the world is the mystical experience, which is available to everyone. To nurture the mystical and build your energy, allow yourself to be filled with a sense of love."
6th Insight
"6. Childhood traumas block our ability to fully experience the mystical. All humans, because of their upbringing, tend toward one of four "control dramas": Intimidators steal energy from others by threat. Interrogators steal it by judging and questioning. Aloof people attract attention (and energy) to themselves by playing coy. And Poor me's make us feel guilty and responsible for them. Become aware of the family dynamics that created your control drama and you can focus on your essential question, which is how to make of your life a higher-level synthesis of your parents' lives."
7th Insight

"7. Once cleared of traumas, you can build energy through contemplation and meditation, focus on your basic life question, and start riding a steady stream of intuitions, dreams, and synchronistic coincidences, all guiding you in the direction of your own evolution and transformation."

8th Insight
"8. That evolution can't be done alone, so begin to practice the new "Interpersonal Ethic" by uplifting those who cross your path. Talk to people who make spontaneous eye contact with you. Avoid codependent relationships. Be there for people. Call attention to other people's control dramas. In groups, speak when the spirit (instead of the ego) moves you."
9th Insight
"9. Our purpose here is to evolve beyond this plane. Fewer people (a result of reproductive abstinence) and more old-growth forests will help us to sustain our energy and accelerate our evolution. Technology will do most of our work for us. As we begin to value spiritual insight more and more, we will pay those who bring it to us, and this will eventually replace the market economy and our need for paid employment. We can connect to God's energy in such a way that we will eventually become beings of light, and walk straight into heaven."

10 + 11 - check here

this post was brought to you by a trip down 1997's memory lane, whence the num num delved deeper into that which is now known as new age, or crazy faloozyness. Did it perchance hit the right note for you at this very moment in time? What caused me to put it up - was it for you?


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