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There is a bit of a handwriting analysis competition going on at Swiss Toni's place.

My disclaimer for my involvement is that the views expressed are NOT professional diagnosis, and are just an OPINION taken directly from a book. No single additional thought has been added and its all just a 'match' from a book to the samples.

That aside, for those with a good sense of humour and firm ground in non-letigious reality, check it out, its quite a laff!


  1. Blogger the urban fox says @ 5:59 pm
    Thanks for spending the time doing it, Nums. It's most interesting.
  2. Blogger Mark says @ 8:28 pm
  3. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 8:43 pm
    it is also the most eerily accurate thing I have ever seen.

    I nearly fell of my chair. Unbelievable. You clearly are uncreditably perceptive in this regard....
  4. Blogger red one says @ 11:13 am
    Your analysis was definitely part of the fun. I really enjoyed your comments with each sample.

    and several people have pointed out how accurate it was... hmm. Spooky.


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