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Great Stuff To Buy


Figured I'd pick up on my reviews and recommendations a little more. Starting with what can only be a bargain:

Get Watching:
- This is one Great DVD player - Buy it quick before they sell out!

Get Organised:
- For all of you who are looking for a new PDA, you really can't go wrong with the new Palm Tungsten E

Get Healthy:
- You Are What You Eat

Get Funky:
- Prince releases a live album

Get Sleuthy:
- The DEFINITIVE Sherlock Holmes Collection
- A rather weak er version, but represents my first experience of Sherlock. The Definitive Version above is MUCH MUCH Better

More to come...with serious reviews...


all done


Its all done and dusted. Its 810 pm and we are about to depart on the eurostar. Its been a fantastic day. The weather was great. The events were great, boat ride, walk down the main roads, nice cafe break, lovely dinner, great company. There was much fun to be had. Thank god its the weekend. Need a rest.


boat trip update

We are about to embark on a boat trip through paris in 30 degrees sunshine. Its a wonderful day. The eyefull tower looks nice behind me. Might go up there if there is time. Lovely day indeed.


On the Eurostar

Well here i am on the eurostar, am absolutely knackered.

Everyone is ready for the 30 degree sunshine there, and the generosity of our ace boss matt. There is a plan in place to get him tipsy early so that hell pay for lots more stuff there.

Should be really good fun.Will try to update the Blog from paris.


Paris awaits


On Friday I go to Paris for a day, on a company trip. I have been to both France and the USA with each job Ive had. This seems odd, i sense a conspiracy.

I hope the weather is nice.



Manic Monday


Another monday and another train ride into paddington. Though at least today there is a slight shift in plans.
I'm off to the west country to visit Barnwood.

I think there is something to be said about keeping commuting habits at bay. Variety in such journeys could keep the mind from utter boredom.

A change in schedule or habit is probably a good idea.

The weather continues in its grey vein. I doubt that there will be a summer this year. What a grey place this has become.


Park Lane in the Sun


Witness the effects of a most tiresome weekend. Saturday was spent driving little kids around the parks and parties in the mid-day Sun.

Sunday, was a wonderful day in Hyde Park with the lady. Oh what a lovely day. Had a great time. So much so, that when it came to get some of my ever so favourite Pizza Hut Pizza at Marble Arch, I proceeded to walk my lady and myself down Park Lane towards Hyde Park Corner. Luckily for me, she spotted my bad navigation and we headed back to munch away at the worst restaurant of its kind (though the Picadilly Circus one ranks a close second).

The day was topped off in a good way at the Starbucks. Ordered a rather cheap and cheerful Americano, but picked up a couple of lovely Chai Lattes in the melee. A wonderful substitution indeed.

She has my house keys though. A sign of the fate to come maybe?




Spiderman 2 is a rather good film indeed. One could say it is better than the first. However the sheer number of revelations that occur during the latter third of the film make me wonder just what they would do if they wanted to make a third.

On a more british note, the weather this summer is pityful. The battle between sun and grey is one sided with grey clouds looming overhead. This is despite Wimbledon being over, my barometer of summer's threshold.

Still time goes on.

At last a great idea from the Universities (and Apple)


This Story put a smile on my face:.
Students starting their studies at Duke University in the US are to be given an Apple iPod to help them learn.

The North Carolina university said the iPods will be pre-loaded with information for new students, as well as a copy of the academic calendar.

They will also hold course material such as lecture notes and audio books.

Now THAT is a great idea.


Today's Lesson...


..is that a moustache and crumbly pastry do not mix very well.


Fahrenheit 911 - A Film To See!


I went to see Fahrenheit 911 last night. I walked in dubious of the whole Bush/Blair regime, and walked out disgusted with it. I pity the Americans for actually voting the 'Money Making Machine' to lead their country, rather than an actual 'politician with international kudos'. I bet no one who would actually vote for Kerry is 'allowed' to vote for him, since it appears the Blue-bloods out West can redefine electoral registers and boundaries to their advantage - a fact covered by The Economist to much chagrin.
Still, one has to hand it to Dubya, that man has duped our Brit Prime Minister. A man I once supported, but now will actively vote against - just to remind the Labour Party that by supporting such a blue-blood-lover as their leader, they are going to lose votes - the one thing that keeps them in power! Luckily for us, we don't allow electoral roll frigging on such a grand scale as in the USA here, so be prepared to see more Yellow/Blue on Election Night than we have seen in the last 6 years or so!
I highly encourage you to go see the film, you'll learn a lot about the world, far more than watching Big Brother or likewise!


Greek Delight


No Turkish in Sight...

Yep, the Greeks have done the unthinkable, they've won the European
Championship 2004. Well done! Shame for the Golden Age of Portuguese
football - farewell.

Went to a Sitar concert today, to see a friend play. She was rather
good, she enjoyed it as much as we did. A stark contrast to her
compatriot on stage, who was rather Stoic to say the least.

Yawn, back to work tomorrow. Pants.


Pleb In Motion - Devilash at work


Today was an interesting day. I succeeded in illustrating to myself
just how the Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs.

Sat at my desk, with nowt pressing to do, I noticed an email that had
attached, a zip file containing the entire UK Workforce's performance
ratings (appraisal ratings).

So being idle, I decided to have a look. Alas instead of clicking
'Open' I clicked 'Print'. Not to worry - I thought, as I dashed to the
printer to cancel the job. Then it hit me, the default printer was in
the other office!!!!!

Luckily two things transpired. Firstly my former boss A.M. was on hand
to check the printer in the other office and intercept the printout.
Secondly, I discovered if you try to print a Zip File, it only prints
out a table of contents of whats inside.


Alls well that ends well.


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