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There are many terrible things that happen in this world, daily and almost every hour. But sometimes, an event occurs that really stops me and makes me despair at where humanity is going.

I read with sadness the plight of this man: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7862290.stm

Without full evidence of what was said, what happened, whether it was baggage from a previous altercation or whatever, we see that in life we face an almost terrible enemy that is determined on preventing us from being happy for too long. In most cases situations dilute away, but here, we have another 'stabbing' where a life is terminated by a single (perhaps) swipe of a sharp blade.

Now way back in the ages, our ancestors were faced with this situation, where they realised they could terminate lives so easily. But rather than let the situation escalate, they decided to define some morales that would limit such action to scenarios of defence for the 'greater good' - ie war against another tribe etc.

We have laws today, but our 'elders' today are not concerned about morales it seems. It appears, at least, that they are looking for 're-election' and 'targets of performance'.

Many times I have sat and considered how it all went wrong. In my extended family there was always the concept of the 'council of elders' where people got together to discuss how best to get through things. In the early days it was how to finance someone who wanted to buy a shop, or who just had a child but was now out of work. During my employment, I set up a council of elders who sat over the technical architecture of many large system projects. Again, a senate of equals and whose purpose was not to one-up eachother, but work on the greater good.

Right now, I want the following:
- MP salary capped at 50k
- No expenses provided
- Police told to catch criminals, not spend time on targets. Humanity is not an organisation that time-n-motion studies can help optimise
- Media to vilify these acts, not glamorise them
- Elders across the globe to encourage the next generation to consider carefully the effects of their actions

And there in lies the rub.

Cause-effect is no longer something that drives life. It is just an element we consider when things are REALLY BAD.

I suggest we drop the pretence. What we do today, affects someone or something today or tomorrow. Its as simple as that.

So in the words of an ancient buddhist: Live your life with the consequences of tomorrow in mind



I expected this...


...one thing I have been debating this with people of late. That if there is a massive depression, and hundreds of thousands are out of work in the UK, then there is going to be a social issue. If you replicate this worldwide, there is going to a war-type issue.

So these banks, well - they are about to cause massive social upheaval. I sincerely hope that crime is not going to escalate too much, that violence is contained, and that the americans lead the way in stopping these so called 'masters of the universe' from living it up in billionaire mansions whilst the world suffers for their incompetence/deceit - you decide which.

Best wishes to all in a tough 2009 - though I hope the tail end picks up.


Xfiles series 2


We completed series 1 on Tuesday night and are 4 episodes into series 2.

Each reminds me of my old days, with my sister and I watching episodes
on a really small b+w tv. Happy then, happy now.

Cruc-the conduit episode is good. I have my own pick but it's not in s1.

There were only two episodes in s1 that were not in the DNA thread of
alien invasion. I hadn't realized then, but the story starts to build
really well, piece by piece.

Icy has never watched xfiles, she's a star trek fan (not me). She's
finding it fascinating, but I am trying to point out that each episode
layers in some thin or thick way. Except those two in s1 and fourth in
s2. can't see how sleep deprivation links to the master scheme?
Perhaps it's just to create a battle force to defeat them?

Anyway, enjoying the marathon.


X-Files Marathon


Having purchased X-files complete series on DVD, I begin the marathon tonight (right now) with the Pilot Episode.

They look so young!





off for a minor op now - so will be awol for a while. Reason, its an eye one, so frankly will be avoiding small text on a screen for a bit :)

Hope all goes well for all, and I especially hope the innocents in the various war zones around the world are able to smile a few times and experience the wonder of being happy. Life is hard for most, we forget so easily...



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