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While the world gets a BMW/Merc/Toyota etc...

Icy and I are getting this:

A ford focus 1.6 Ghia automatic in Jeans Blue.

I rather like it :) We test drove an automatic, same size engine, it was a dream. We upgraded to a Ghia from a Zetec climate due to the bits and bobs that would make it worthwhile over 10 years. Should be a good buy methinks.

[it's Icy's car btw, I have my 306 still - for now!]


  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 11:55 pm
    nice car - has it got an mp3 plug thing?

  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:04 am
    What fun! Enjoy it Icy. :0)
  3. Blogger IcyChick says @ 2:56 pm
    My knees are rejoicing the day we finally get the car - if at all :P with numnum doing the haggling :P - I hate driving manuals my knees have aged since driving numnum's manual.
  4. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 8:44 pm
    nice wheels!

    *wolf whistle*
  5. Blogger the urban fox says @ 5:30 pm
    I have never ever driven an automatic, even once. Is that weird?

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