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Oh My.. Oh My... Oh My!


I am gobsmacked...check this out. Its divine....


Misheard Lyrics

With the taste of your lips I'm all awry
You're toxic...I'm slippin' under.
With a taste of a poison paradise
I'm addicted to you...Don't you know that you're toxic?

Why am I posting this? Coz its playing on winamp thats why.

I am going ballistic on my anti-CPZ scheme. Lets see what unfolds...

Where Has Summer Gone?


Today, whilst whiling away a wonderful day with the lady, I asked
rather forlornly "Where has the Summer Gone?"

Its evident that some Weather/Seasonal changes are obviously occurring.
Summers were strong and bright when I were a lad...now they are brief
and wet. Ho Hum.


A diatribe against a single tribe (sic)


I was reminded last night of why I suddenly detached myself from any
organised religion during my University Days. Back then, I was a
proponent of advancing the Hindu (nee Vedic) philosophy back onto the
general populace that currently subscribed to the notion of being Hindu.
This, I felt, would be encouraging the natural splintering that the
Vedic tree set up via various Vedas, Upavedas, Upanishads, Puranas etc.
You see, in Hinduism it is not clear to everyone who follows it just
what the whole thing is actually about. There is no one single book of
reference, nor one single thought of reference that will clearly define
the purpose of following that path. I felt that this was entirely a
mechanism of design by the ancients who realised that the human minds
that make up a community cannot always grasp the same single point the
same way - we are genetically created to be different and thus our minds
will hold different perceptions of the same thing. Thus the ancients,
understanding of this, sowed the seeds of core general concepts of the
Vedic thought into various different strands which they themselves began
to proliferate through the masses. Thus began the commonly seen and
talked about phenomenon of the Hindu Pantheon and the various different
classes of worship it supports (Vaishnav, Shivite, Matajis, Arya etc.)
One of these, is obviously the one associated with the Hare Krishnas -
Vaishnavism. Note that the name itself is close to defining itself as a
religion. Well there is a sub-splinter within that group, that of the
Hare Krishnas. All of this points to the fact that the structure has
been created to support the tribal nature of the human psyche, the need
for us to find a commonality with which to associate, feel safe, and to
participate within. We do it with Football Teams, with National Sports,
with University alumni, Work alumni (oh how I hear the 'we are the best'
chant at work every week!), and of course, with religion.

All of this is my own personal view, and I understand and appreciate its
requirement. What I cannot stand, however, and what I found others who
are active within certain tribal groups would voice when I began to
propagate the thought online back in the early 90s, is the denial that
there needs to be a holistic council that oversees the splinters and
brings them together to help promote a more understanding view of what
the Hindu faith entails. Though there are obvious parallels in
Christianity - the COE vs Catholic Rome - there is still a fairly single
view of the faith portrayed by the leading figures - they are however
helped by the fact that there is still only a single figurehead and book
which they both follow. This alas is not the case in Hinduism, as the
library grows daily - yes, daily - as views and teachings are added.

Last night I realised that I was within the confounds of a group of
people who were enraptured by their own faith, and though I thoroughly
support a lot of their goodness and acts (I actively provide funds for
the Food For All programme) I felt uncomfortable with some of the
comments being made. Its wonderful to see the great achievements they
underwrite, and I would be proud to support these, infact I do and will
support these entirely without fail. However, I realised I could not
back at University, and I cannot today, promote a single religious splinter above others as the only path a human should take to achieve goodness and greatness in this era. I feel that, knowing the way the human psyche works together with genetic and sociological theory, there is an absolute need for different tribes to allow us to attach to them and via these tribes (be they religious, geographical, social or otherwise) achieve the same goodness and greatness whilst wearing the colours proudly. And I still support (with reference to the Hindu faith) the thought that there needs to be a single holistic council that tries to encourage splinters, and also threads together these into a cohesive unit that stands as strong as the ancient tree from whence they came.

On a final note, bloomin Man Utd could only draw with Blackburn. I
foresee another season where both my teams (tribes?!?) AC Milan and Man
Utd fail miserably. Last year was salvaged by the amazing win of Serie A
by Milan that countered the abysmal displays by Man U. This year, I do
not hold hope for either, tis one of those things I guess. Tribes go up,
Tribes go down, but as long as they exist and are happy, all's well.


Saturday Night Special


I've finally managed to complete viewing the 3rd Series of 24. I got it Wednesday night, and finished it this morning at 4am. It was an absolute rollercoaster of a ride. I won't divuldge too much of what happens, as I know at least one person who has yet to watch all 3 series!!!! But I will say that I really enjoyed the mental pace.

Am off tonight to a Saturday Night Patrons Dinner at the Hare Krishna Temple. Seems my in-laws to be are patrons and would like my family to attend. We shall be rather uncomfortable hob knobbing with the richer folk, but we'll have fun I'm sure.

Today I got a square battery for my old Remote Controlled Car that I got back in Xmas 2001. The kids absolutely went wild, and were fighting to play with it. Initially I scared the pants off my youngest neice, who then became Queen Hoarde of the machine. Luckily they have worn out the battery already!!!

And a word about my lady. She totally amazed me with her gift to me yesterday, I am most chuffed.


Friday the 27th


Doesn't have the same ring to it as Friday the 13th does it?

Today I am expecting lots of visitors to the house, culminating in my
fiance who is popping over to play with my nephew and nieces.
Thankfully they adore her, and vice versa, and much merriment is had
when they collude in games and plots.

I have been in need of a good nights rest for a long time. Sleeping on
a Sofabed is not ideal for a person who likes a big bed to spread out

...And on a final note, why oh why must my Sisters continuously shout
throughout the house. I have told them that their behavior is endemic
of the soaps they watch - Eastenders, Corrie, Emerdale - where all of
the characters partake in conversations at ear bursting, vein throbbing
volume, as if they are struggling to let out an all mighty great big
pooh bear from their posteriors. Instead it comes gushing out of their
mouths in scream after scream.

Oh, and for some reason, I am always called by either: My Brothers Name, my Nephews Name, my Brother-in-laws name, and in worst cases, my Nieces name, some random name from said soaps. Its disheartening to say the least, and I am convinced that watching soaps corrupts the brain cells as a result.


Shakespear does Indian


Had the fortune of seeing an Indianised version of The Twelfth Night
last night. Twas OK, not my cup of tea since I am not that cultured,
but I was giggling now and then.

I have received my Car Stereo from Argos, and am awaiting the free
fitting leaflet, which may or may not arrive during my holiday period.
Such a shame if it does not. This entire episode teaches me that I must
plan my holidays in advance.

Damo was in town yesterday, and we had a nice day getting drenched in
the rain. I bought myself the 24 Triple Series Box set, and am slowly
familiarizing myself again with Series 3. Only 3 hours in, and I'm
addicted again.

The kids have returned from my Brothers, and my chauffeuring skills are
required this evening to take my parents to go see my uncle. Ho hum.


Just another non-Manic Monday


Everybody, all together now - HOLIDAY....

Aye, this birdy's on holiday. Kids are all over the place, causing a ruckus.

I bought myself a new car stereo - an Aiwa R504MP3 player.

And current material object of desire - probably something I'd like for my birthday: Siemens S65 at which point the firmware may have sorted it self out. Prolly will try to get it from Expansys, or Extele.

Awesome Jackson.


Return of the Mac (or is it Mack)


Aye, I have returned from a 5 day spell in Sunny Gloucester (or Glaaaster as Wombat corrects me), where I have been stacking shelves, and working hard from 5am to 8pm in a Supermarket. Oh yes, I have been working in a Suit, mingling from back office to shop floor, trying to ensure that things are good and fine. And you know what? They laregely are. Its just I am very tired.

I loved the accents there though, very combine harvesty. Have to admit, people there are very nice, very friendly compared to a place like, say, Hayes.

I am now on Holiday for two weeks - woohoo. What fun fun fun. Shame theres no Sun Sun Sun.

I am bored stiff at work, thank god I'm going home in a bit. Catchyal8rs


Sunny Saturday and Golf


Another great Sunny Saturday, a rarity this Summer (sic). This one was spent playing Golf with some old Scientist Buddies: Dingers, TOC and Sammo. They are all rather good with the old club, putting me strongly into the tail end position - but it was a different story on the way Out. On the way Out, I was 2nd best. On the way back In, I was very bad, largely down to being tired and not used to playing 18 holes (last time I played was over a year ago).

I think I need to get down to the range a few times this holiday, practice on the old Driver and 8 Iron. The Pitching was perfect, and the putting - well, I got a par 4 on a 250 yarder coz I putted a 7 meter putt in one! I putted three long putts - largely redeeming my awful fairway play.

My legs ache, and my shoulder is feeling it too. My sister's kids are over for a few days now, and they are already making me feel like I should have rested more prior to them arriving - rather than galavanting playing golf in 28C Sunshine (at least I got to see a red Irishman heh)

Tomorrow I'm off to Gloucester for work. Lovely.

Will be getting these I think - to help on the elusive distance and accuracy Dunlop Revelation Distance


Friday 13th


A bad day if you live anywhere near Jason Voerhees.

I've decided to book a Cottage for a Xmas getaway. Its bloody hard finding one when you haven't a clue what is good or where to start.

Damo is down in London for Aug 24th, so will wander around town with him. We usually find good stuff to buy and do when he's in town, so that will be good.

The weather here is bad. Rain and cold. Its August for goodness sake, damn Greenhouse Effect.

Colin Forbes new book Blood Storm is out soon. Eagerly awaited....

Patricia's new book Trace is also out soon.

Gossip on the street is that a neighbour's daugher has run away, and has told her parents to not come looking for her. The family is largely disfunctional, with my elderly neighbour commenting that the parents in question argue infront of strangers and in one situation the mother told the father to 'shut you mouth you idiot' in front of the builders and said elderly neighbour. Needless to say we were all rather shocked to hear of such crass behaviour from parents. Sign of the times I guess.

My food diary is shocking, most shocking. I have no water in me. How am I surviving? Answers on a postcard please...


Thursday's Divine Hammer


Thursday morning and my life is getting clearer. The hunt is on, and perspective is being restored.

I'm rather upset with myself for delaying the task for so long, but it has turned out well considering.

Anyway, I've got a few days off coming up and I'll be putting them to good use.

On another note, the summers are not what they used to be. There is far too much rain right now, and its most annoying.

And finally, a word on football. I am disappointed with man u right now. They haven't bought any decent players this year and i'm not convinced that they are going to win anything this season. Shame.

The Hunter


The Hunter has taken up the task. Scanning the horizon for prime prey, moving softly through the landscape, silent as the dead of night.

Oh yes, the hunt is on.


Its Wednesday already..

Good morning world. The weather today is lovely and bright. However, the trains this morning are going very very slowly. And the heating is on in the carriages. Yep, its falling apart on the trainlines.

Am thinking I'll not put up today's food diary online, since it hardly makes for fun reading. It has shown me that i don't drink enough water though. I'll buy one of those mid size bottles that claim to hold the 8 glasses worth we should drink.

I am going to play golf with friends on saturday. I haven't played in over a year. Hopefully I'll be ok.

The rest of this work week is going to be cras. Things will need to change.


Food Diary - Day 1


Day 1 of my Food Diary has drawn to a close. I am rather amused at what I'm seeing. I thought I'd share it, so that everyone can see once and for all why I'm so short.

7am - 1xStrawberry Actimel, 1xVitamin Tablet, 1 Glass of water
8.30am - 1 Cup of Tea
12pm - 1 small cup of tea from vending machine
2.10pm - Pret Lunch : 1 Avocado Salad Wrap, 1 Pret Pure Apple Drink
5.30pm - 1 small cup of water
7pm - 1 small bottle of Perrier
8pm - 2 chappattis, 2 poppadoms, 1 aubergine curry, 1 small bowl of mixed Green and Black olives, 1 small glass of milk, half of some fruit that I only know the indian name for (jamphur), and 1 choc-ice on a stick. Finished off with some mixed-grain stuff that most will know as Tulsi Mix from a curry house, but this is home made.
9pm - tall glass of volvic Mineral Water.

Hmmm, not really a healthy eater, but not so bad either. Maybe. Wait for tomorrows installment.


You Are What You Eat

Inspired by the book (see blog post below) I have started a Food Diary. I will keep it for 10 days to note just how bad my diet is.

I am - Pret! :-P

A Lesson

I feel that one of the greatest compliments someone can pay another person is to Listen to what they have to say. By Listen I mean either to fully engage in hearing what the person is saying, or fully reading what they have written.

Its disheartening to see people at work blatantly go about doing their own thing and create problems because they haven't listened. Its even more disheartening to have family do the same to you.

For me, the answer is very simple. If someone doesn't listen or take the time to pay a little decent respect to others by listening to what they have to say, then I distance myself from that person, little by little.

So, here's a lesson today for everyone: remember that its respectful and highly decent to listen to others, and do take the time to read what they have written. Your mind and soul will benefit from it entirely.


humid monday


Monday morning. The weather has changed from burning sun to what i can only liken to the humid dome at the eden project. Its lovely.
I am absolutely drained this morning. Whilst trying to sleep last night my neighbours decided to have a loud discussion with the doors and windows open. Needless to say they disturbed the peace. Luckily they packed it in after an hour or so.
This week is going to be busy.
Oh, and our mains water supply has slowed to a trickle. Thats all we need in this weather.

Sunny Saturday


Today was spent driving around North London, ensuring that the area to buy a house in is hunky dory. Very nice houses out there. It was heck a sunny though, very warm indeed.

Luckily there are some great books to read tonight, highly recommended for fans and curious cats alike.

First we have a very well written You Are What You Eat . A thought provoking and very useful book.

Next we have the latest in the Cornwell sagas Blow Fly very good indeed.

And finally am still trying to finish off Quicksilver.

Check em out...

Free Stuff


Unlike Damo, I don't enter many online competitions. I do, however, seem to have a good habit of being sent free Perfumes and Colognes from various establishments. These range from the ever classy London boutiques like Penhaligons or Floris, to more modern brands like CK. The latter offered me a 'pay P&P and get gift' offer, so being curious I did, and for under a tenner I was sent a bottle of cK One Summer.

"Oh!" I thought, more stuff for my sisters or niece (who out of naivity has the classiest little 8 year old friends with tiny bottles of Floris perfumes that she gave away in her Birthday Party Bags!!!!!). Then I read it was that unisex malarky from him. Seems OK, to be honest. Will let the lady have a go at it tonight, and will most likely leave it in the car for freshen uppers. Its rather nice - but wouldn't buy it for RRP myself.

The weather is ace today. I am very tired, need more fluids I think.

I released my first book into the wild last night. Will see if anyone bothers to give it a journal entry.


secret #1


Sat on the train i feel the need to share a revelation with the world. I urge you to try this.

Get yourself a lovely cup of fresh roasted cappucino that is just cooling down ready to be drunk. Also get yourself a mars delight chocolate. These are a new addition to the chocolate world.

Now sit down and take three deep breaths, counting them. Then tear open the choc and indulge, using the cap to wash down the delight.

I tried this yesterday and was well happy with the result. Try it.


Wednesday closes


Indeed today was an interesting day indeed. Work posed the most interesting changes in persons, as abrasive behaviour was no longer shown in certain areas (though there were occassional bouts of stupidity). Then my blog gets an unheard of in ages vistor, who introduces me to Book Crossing. I've joined up (my membername is birdynumnum) and will be releasing my first book into the wild. I'm very excited about this.

Also I've had a Golf Game arranged with my old Scientist pals, for Sat 14th. This should be a most interesting day, as the last one was full of hilarious incidents and moments of absolute brilliance.

The commute home was normal, 1hr 40mins. Not bad really. Very warm though, very nice.


Wednesday is going to be an interesting day....

..This morning is proving to be entertaining. First, a polish truck driver asks me for directions to the quaker oats factory where they make our sugar puffs. Then my train is 10 mins late, which is no big deal. But as soon as it left, it went about 300 yards and then stopped. A train in front of us has broken down. So the driver walls through the train and drives us back. We are now back where i started 10 mins ago taking on even more people! I reckon it gets even better as the day goes on. I'll keep the world posted for more episodes of 'the cyclic commute'


monday evening


well tuesday really, but u get the drift...

Monday evening and the thunder storms have wrecked their damage on my commute home. Rain everywhere out west.

All stations flooded, closed or jam packed.

Its on an evening like this that i would give a certain lady a ring at work and suggest am evening meal and film rather than a busy commute home.

Instead i have to go to Southall.




monday morning blues on tuesday

Monday morning.
Well its actually tuesday but it feels like monday on account of the long weekend. So here i am on the train dressed in a suit and its hot. I have no idea why i actually insist on this corporate Crap anymore.

I always saw work as fun and interesting but now its more of a chore. I think i may have to seek out some career advice from somewhere. Maybe its time to move to a smaller company and move to head up the it department there.

Did i mention its hot? Its going to get thundery today. Typical new summer weather

had a weird dream last night. back at school doing french and put on the spot to place the accent in the right position. freaky


Some fools never learn...


Suddenly, the following are looking very attractive; they are calling out at the empty space I have created today:

- Kill Bill Volume 1
- Kill Bill Volume 2
- Gothika cause it scared the lady sooo much
- 24 Series 1, 2 & 3 Box Set BARGAIN!!!!
- Should you wait for a 6 box set?

decisions decisions...

Monday Summer Clean

Apart from popping out to do various personal chores, I've spent a majority of the day Summer Cleaning (which is my version of Spring Cleaning in NumNumTime).

I've concluded lots of things:
1) I own far too many things. I must kerb the need to buy crap.
2) A house should be filled with intelligent Storage Solutions, such as a great loft of junk, and spaces where boxes can be placed out of sight.
3) Light colours bring an air of spaciousness to a place.
4) Book Cases should not be made of black oak, or dark coloured. They should be airy and spacious, almost minimalist. Why? Well then they let you see the walls behind this keeping the perspective of the room as being from wall to wall, and not from front of bookshelf to next wall.
5) Amazon.com have made a BOMB out of me. Lucky sods.

They say the truly intelligent learn from mistakes and situations.

Time will tell....they don't call me dummy for nothing u know ;-)


More Cool Apple Stuff


For those of you who haven't yet heard me mention it, I've got myself an Apple (gently convinced of their coolness by a certain lady).

I bought an iBook 12" G4, its really cute and neat.

There are quite a few good accessories that I think are absolute requirements for an apple though:

- The Logitech Trackman is a great addition to any Mac.

- The Apple iSight has to be the coolest web cam in the entire world. Another Apple Design Winner.

- iPod Mini Silver is without a doubt the London commuters best friend. Of course the iPod 20G has more capacity, and the Zen NX 20G sounds far better than any Apple ever would -- you cannot deny that the iPod Mini is small enough to be a godsend.

Its true, I have become an Apple fan.


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