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Am going to be AFK for a while. Service will resume in March.

Defiance - the spirit of freedom


The movie, defiance, it saddens me. I really do wish the generations coming through, are inspired to happiness, and peace - by witnessing the absolute devastation that greed, anger and war brings upon us all.

Also, I am worried - what of the needs and views of the people, when the powers that be take these away. Who stops being a protector of the people, and a dictator - when does this transition happen?

The ancient greeks might be able to shed some light on this...

Something odd on the airwaves


There is something odd on the airwaves, according to this report in Time...

I have to admit, sadly, that I do like Britney's new album, and that the expanse of audio scope and range is increasing - leading to a nice dolby 5.1 ready type of music format.

But then, I listen to The Monkees, Beatles, and Loving Spoonful - and I realise that sometimes 8 track is great!

When you have a hammer...


I actually call this the red-car syndrome, where once someone asks you how many red cars you can see, thats all you see. Well right now I am into the thought of starting or joining a great social enterprise...and voila: Harvard Business Review

The Turning Point


The SDC have somehow managed to come about, from a government that on one hand is prepared to talk a green talk, but walks a carbon loaded big brother walk. Anyway, J Porritt says we are entering a pretty interesting period. BusinessGreen suggest we need to rethink certain aspects of our IT planning.

Well, here's what I think. You're darned right. Just we all wait for those rolling blackouts to hit us, then we'll be pretty interested in how things work. Oh and all that data we store in a cloud, when the cables get cut, well we might never get access back. And the sustainability of powering massive data centres that sit there inefficiently using power - well more tornado forces I guess.

I'd like to join a firm or group of people that are interested in doing things differently. I believe now is the time to make a difference. Wonder if the govt actually want to hire forward thinkers or kowtowers? :)

Be safe!


For fans of GTD, the iphone didn't hit the spot initially due to the lack of 'Tasks' synchronisation via iCal. Thankfully tools like RememberTheMilk and ReQall are helping fill the gap.

Step-up Google...

We just had an iPhone update...tasks are still missing :/

The year of living...



Its inevitable isn't it - we have new years resolutions and we try to keep to them for, oh, all of January. Then they fall by the wayside, and its back to the same old same old.

This year is my year of wisdom.

Its a big word, and I'm just a small human, yet I try. One aspect of what I'm trying to be wise about, is efficiency with my time. It is something I cannot buy, something I lose every second, something I value, and the only currency I have to offer those whom I love and cherish. Yet, now and then, I urm...waste it doing dumb things. Don't we all eh?

Anyway - quest continues to figure out how to do things swiftly and cleanly. I changed my moleskine to a Muji blank page book. I changed my montblancs to uniballs and faber-castells. I still carry those index cards but I kind of, well, not sure how to use them anymore now that I have an iphone with evernote and reqall.  And then I notice interesting things online that try to help...

Do quests ever end?


For those of you who are without a laptop...


...much like I was today, here is a solution your company should invest in:

http://www.vmware.com/products/view/ - it is called VDI, and it puts your desktop in 'the cloud' (so to speak) so that you can access your mail, files, settings from anywhere.

The problem we have with most UK companies, is that they lack trust of employees, and they are fixated on the need for tethered fat-client computing. The blackberry, the iphone are showing that semi-tethered solutions are great, and if connectivity is near-ubiquitous, you can do really well.

This way, should you be at home and without a laptop, you can access your stuff if you have broadband. Also, if you move to a new floor or office, you just, well move...

Sorry /geek


There is a saying, 'when weather hits the UK, the UK stops.'

It matters not if its Sunny (we overheat), Wet (we flood), or as today Snow (we urm, get cold).

My commute is usually stopped at source, but today I managed to get into London. Only to face a closed london underground. Perhaps global warming allows snow to fall in tunnels, I dunno, but something happened.

Anyway, making my way back home now. Its a bit of a mess, as my laptop is in canary wharf, but the blackberry should suffice for today. Shame my company doesn't have true thin client working, then i could just vpn in and carry on regardless...

Hope all ye are well on this snowy day.

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