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Playing with knives...sorry pens


Another batch of pens arrived today, this time very cheap ones that I had been wanting to try for a while. In one case, it was 'retry'.

Behold, the very first pen I have ever used - Berol handwriting pen. Given to me by one of my best teachers ever, and thankfully the same design after all these years. Awesome.

The others are rather fine indeed, and I shall be enjoying using them over Xmas - I'm writing a book you see (alas a techie book, in a notebook (moleskine) and for my reference only).

Sky at night


I have never seen a sky like this, but I would probably stop in awe at it. What a sight, I mean, look at it.

University Challenge


Been away, mostly on twitter, due to work pressures. Am stepping back a little now, so back to the ranting and raving about nonsense.

The following pictures made me wonder - what does it say if there is a 'collection' effect with regards to distribution of these universities? Is it because they were founded in that order, or something else.

Nice pictures anyway, enjoy.


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