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Double take...


Lippi turns down Birmingham job

Italy's 2006 World Cup-winning coach Marcello Lippi has turned down an offer to become Birmingham's new manager.

LOL hahhaa. duuuh.

Career change...


Muse muse, yawn yawn, me me me

I'm going to make a career change soon. Its a bit risky, but I think its the right thing to do.

It may mean that my rantings/ravings almost disappear for a while, but if I discover useful things or interesting things, I will do what I can to share them with the world.


Is this not an example of democracy and freedom?



They pretty much look like people with a view. Thats good isnt it?

Or maybe they are just the modern : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suffragette


It was on tv last night


Pretty sure many will be talking about britz, the c4 drama on last night and continued tonight.

Apart from some unreal bits i thought it was good. Problem is, fear leads to anger, anger to hate, hate to suffering. Meaning until prominent persons embrace today, people will live in the past.

Its still funny in a way to see wars over who has the best imaginary friend.


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