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Busy Busy Busy

Stuck on a train again so some time to update this. We've been very busy of late. Went to see a play on saturday, "And then there were none" - by Agatha Christie. Quite good, but not as good as The mousetrap - also by Christie. Work is keeping us both busy during the week, and our weekends go faster and faster as we continue to do Everything else other than housework. Was pleased with the Indian cricket results, beating sri lanka and drawing with south africa is good for the young team. Speaking of teams I've been discussing team format and motivation with a colleague at work and its got me wondering what i should try to aim for in life. Since they are raising retirement ages to 70 here, its about time i thought about what i can stomache doing until then! Anyway back to the commute.


  1. Blogger Mark says @ 10:47 pm
    you did a good job on my handwriting. it would be interesting to hear more.
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:49 am
    Same here. You were pretty spot-on with my handwriting sample. Thanks again!

    As for your busy schedules, I hope you're able to slow down and relax soon. :0)

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