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Oh how I do love a mystery play

After Icy and I had a most wonderful time watching The Moustrap (the worlds longest runnign play) last year, we have finally managed to get ourselves into seeing another play - yes its another Agatha Christie play!

We're off to see And Then There Were None later this month, with the delightful Ninny Pinny. We'll make a day of it, with a nice dinner afterwards to disect the play's finer points as most civilised persons are prone to do.

I went a bit lavish and booked Dress Circle tickets, even though they are twice the price of stalls - they are most wonderful in the view they afford you.

More news later - time for some work now - will be popping into various blog-homes this weekend for sure!


  1. Blogger Damo says @ 12:56 pm
    It's good to break the humdrum routine and get out and do stuff under any circumstances, but with work the way it has been for you lately, even more so.

    Have a top time!
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:02 pm
    It all sounds wonderful. Have an excellent time!
  3. Blogger SwissToni says @ 7:54 pm
    is that the book that used to be called "Ten Little N*ggers" before we all decided it was better to rename it?


    (God - how powerful is that word? I felt the need for an asterisk)
  4. Blogger B1RDIE Num Num says @ 7:59 pm
    Apparently the film versions have the song Ten Little Indians throughout them all.

    So no comment on that particular front either!
  5. Blogger Damo says @ 10:45 am
    By the way, the policeman did it.


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