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Those coincidences again...

I use My Yahoo! to show me a daily page of news, oddbits, emails, and cartoons (mostly US political ones, very funny, sometimes posted here for a laugh).

One of the things I look at now and then is a horrorscope - my sisters got me into it I guess. Anyway, they are largely guff, since they cannot possibly be meant for every human born during a period, but sometimes they show an eerie set of coincidences that are amusing.

This month's Career forecast is an example...Behold all ye capricorns, enjoy!

Monthly career (by Astrology.com)
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd, you are clear as a bell as far as what you want (and when, and from whom) at work. It's like your path to the future suddenly opened before you, each step shining with clarity and purpose! Go ahead and follow that path, but be ready to make adjustments as you go. The 9th, watch out for any untoward financial schemes (they could cost you!). The 11th, you could be giving, and receiving, a whole bunch of help at work. Figure out a way to have it all -- a job you like, time for friends and family and even some outdoor time -- on the 14th. The 19th is a good time to deal with any unexpected work issues that come up (even though it's Saturday). The 23rd, exercise extreme caution at work, and the 28th, don't forget about all the folks who have helped you get where you are now. -



  1. Blogger Lord Bargain says @ 9:58 pm
    Watch out for falling wardrobes on the 10th.

    and on the 15th you need to be wary of a red haired clown on a motorbike.
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:41 am
    No worries. My motorbike will be in the shop that day... *G*

    If you don't restrict it to work, then the forecast for the 9th and 11th was also fairly accurate for this capricorn. Funny. :0)

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