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Not so freenternet

Dear friend,

Season's Greetings from all at Liberty!

Campaign for online justice
Proposals in the Digital Economy Bill would allow for the suspension of internet access to entire households on the basis of unproven suspicions. These proposals will be debated in the House of Lords in early January.

This Bill includes worrying provisions which would allow the Secretary of State to impose technical sanctions on people who are only suspected of breaching copyright, and in fact, as the powers are currently drafted a household's internet access could be cut off for 'any consideration', be that copyright infringement or not.

Information from copyright owners can be used by the government to impose disproportionate sanctions (for example the suspension of broadband connections) without criminal or civil due process safeguards.

Take action:
Help demand a proportionate response to copyright infringements by asking your MP to pressure their colleagues in the House of Lords to support Liberty's amendments in the Digital Economy Bill.
Ø Email your MP here
Ø Read our briefing here

Sign our petition to end Unsafe and Unfair control orders

Since 2004 control orders have allowed the Home Secretary to place an almost unlimited range of restrictions on people they suspect to be terrorists. With no charge put to the 'controlee' and with limited evidence provided before the order is made, these restrictions are indefinite. Control orders are unsafe - if, as the Government says, a person is a dangerous terrorist they should be put on trial and, if found guilty, imprisoned rather than left to live at home. They are also unfair because no one should be subjected to years and years of punishment without having first been found guilty after having been given a fair trial.

The control order policy has kept liberty and security in a compromised state which satisfies neither and opposition to the scheme is growing. Add your name to our petition and show your elected representatives that that this policy is unsafe and unfair.

Take action:
Ø Sign our petition
Ø Pass it on to five friends
Ø Email your MP here


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