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Good Game


Portugal are in the Euro 2004 Final. Thats a good thing, since they
have played the most stylish football, largely due to their freestyle
players (Figo, Deco, Ronaldo, Rui Costa) and their rocks (Carvalho,
Miguel, Maniche).
I reckon they'll play the Czechs, who will meet Greece tomorrow.
Also, another choice has been made - Apple 12" iBook - tiny and cheap
for mail/surfing/chat. Wot else do u need?
The Apple


Tuesday Morning Ode To Tube Strikes


More please.
Thank you.


Laptop Decisions


Well its that time - my laptop has decided to wage a war on my pcmcia
wireless card. Keeps dropping connections, whereas my desktop happily
keeps its connection via its pci card.

Time to choose:
1) My First Apple :
Apple G14

2) Another M$ Laptop :
Dell Inspirion 14

Time and wallet and instinct will tell....


Deep Heat Commuting

This evening i have been reminded just how bad commuting in deep heat can be.
Thankfully a raft of trains turned up together to alleviate the congestion in the carriages.
This Blog thing is turning out to be nothing but a vent of my fumes... Shudder the thought!

Monday mornings...yawn

I spoke too soon. Last night's match was dull, at least until the czechs scored. Two days without football. I've withdrawal symptoms already. At least i have my fellow commuters to amuse me. The race for seats is almost as good as a pitch long dribble and shot. Hmmm. Maybe not.

Well I've done something useful today - I've registered the Lady and myself for the Charity Comic Relief Sport Mile in London (http://www.sportrelief.com/) - should be fun.


Football Anticipation


After what can only be described as a very boring game (Holland -
Sweden) I'm looking forward to a cracker between Denmark - Czech Rep.
The downside is that after this, only 3 games remain before the footy
disappears for the summer :(
At least I'm not in the rain and mud at Glastonbury like Damian. Now
there's a mad man!


The First Blog

I have absolutely no idea what should go here...

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Weekly musings from a confused mind. This blog, and all posts within it, are just ramblings. They are in no way affiliated with any past, current or future employers. Neither do they represent my deep felt views, or those of my friends or family. Really, its just a blog, which is a new thing, and has new dimensions. So please, dont take anything seriously. If you do, contact me via a comment, and I will get back to you to resolve the situation. Seriously, enjoy life, ignore this blog, and views within it.


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