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Hurry up apple


It's official, iPhone sans cut and paste is as smart as homer in the
nuke plant.

Mmm donuts.

Look a great article I want to blog about, let's see how do I get the
URL to blogger.....doh!


The problem with profit...


I've been watching things at work and outside work for a few weeks now. I've noticed that the world is definitely different, primarily in the way we treat each other and in the way we behave generally. Not sure if the whole depression angle is getting to everyone. The G20 this week had london in F.E.A.R. mode, vilifying anyone who had an opposing view to BAILOUT. Shame really, as perhaps the solution is not to bring the system back to life, but to ask a fundamental question: The system got us to this beautiful state that we are in today, is it the right system to take us forward?

Anyway, I've also decided to get back on the facebook bandwagon. The problem is, like the picture above, I do not know what each site is for anymore. There are a plethora of sites out there, and I purposely maintain some anonymity (because you get sued by your employer you know!) but I wonder - are there certain 'types' of people that prefer certain 'types' of site? Probably, since my motto has always been: some like coffee, some like tea, some like both, some like neither. In other words, just enjoy whilst you can.

A final note - if your employer buys you an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, then they are a better employer than mine. I have to buy my own, and BOY have I made it clear that they are PRIVATE PERSONAL PROPERTY. Two can play at that game...

Profit, gotta love it.

PS Wonder how many of us will still use these services when they charge us for them? I bet it becomes game changing as they say...

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