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It makes me wonder


Like suzanne wega said, makes me wonder.

Wonder what i really should do for a living. Back at that old chestnut again. Lots of great ideas but an organisation that does not want to take a big step.

Life is interesting ist it. Just saw a lady at the train station that made me think about my parents, who worked hard and long to give me everything i needed.

Are we all destined to miss life because of work? I was lucky, mum was a housewife after i was born. I got to sponge up her love every minute. Dad worked, i missed cuddles and games with him.

Yet here i am, wondering what will change when i start a family? What progress will i actually make if i miss time with friends and family.

Do i really need all the sh@! That i buy? Probably not. So why buy it?


Damnit i'm failing the test, lemming!

Tnn philosopher wannabe

Addendum to taking liberties - taking the mickey!


Read and erase...sigh. http://uk.gizmodo.com/2008/07/11/g8_wants_airport_security_to_c.html

Do watch this documentary - UK slow boil

If you haven't seen the documentary Taking Liberties
then do.

I can only define it as a clear example of how we are being slow boiled.

Obviously we jump up and react when thrown into hot water. But slow
boil, well like frogs we just sit there...

For example - in current climate, slavery could not be abolished as it
was in the past, women could not get votes as they petitioned for in the
past, and the poll tax would not be stopped. Do you see now?

Democracy and liberty are only useful to the normal citizen if they
allow that citizen to voice dissatisfaction with the leadership. When
you take that away...its authoritarian, with perhaps the ability to put
a X in a box you so choose. Nice.

What trees, what trees


Need to get some more bonsai for around the house. They are really hard work, definitely not easy, but looking at them is so calming...
Even trying to grow and style one from seed, and thats off to a bad start with little germination to get the process going. Bah.

Still, something to do...

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