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Great film


Liberty is too precious a thing to be buried in books Miss Saunders.  
Men should hold it up in front of them every single day and say:                     
"I'm free... to think and to speak.
My ancestors couldn't. 
I can.
And my children will."


Official message


I am lost for words, michael was a legend and I will miss him dearly.
His contribution to the business of entertainment was fantastic and he
provided ample opprtunity for the legal system too. The world of song
and dance acts has lost a beacon.

He will be missed.

But not by all, which is fine and understandable. Please join me and
the Iranian people and a day of mourning.

All violence and hunger and festivals of happiness will pause. All 24
news channels will enjoy free material. The recession will end.

He will be missed.

Tnn - a fan

Well everyone else has an official statement, why not us mere mortals

Moonwalk Friday

May his legacy live on through his music.

May his fans put his catalogue online for free, to tell the world 'you
can't sue him or take his money anymore'.

May we dance forever in happiness.

Mjj - gone


The Mac experience gets an upgrade


The mac experience is getting better, bit by bit. I've upgraded to Leopard recently, and have had some interesting encounters with software that I previously thought was not quite leading edge.

To start with, Safari is now much more usable and accommodating. For example, it now has Xmarks support, and there is the all important AdBlock plugin. So you get a browsing experience that is clean, crisp and rivaling firefox.

Secondly, the mail app is now nearing Outlook standards. There are 'notes' that sync with the iPhone, and to-dos that seem to appear in iCal too. The snag is this, whereas Outlook is one application that has Mail, Todo, Notes, Calendar together, Apple are continuing with the separation. This is fine for most, but it requires some switching - no big deal really.

Time machine is OK, it now works with ReadyNas so thats sweet.

The speed is obviously a factor of new hardware and a smarter OS - which will only get better with Snow Leopard, which will have an upgrade cost of pittance when its released.

So, all in all, a nice package thats slowly but surely getting the act together.

The price you pay...


Been having some problems with my iPhone twitter client - its been dropping friends and not giving direct message capability. So now, the dilemma. Which paid-for twitter client should I get to remedy the issue?

Also, my blog template needs revising. I had a tag for edits, which funnily enough deletes. Oops.

Final problem - got a really bad head-cold, so none of this will happen soon.

The price you pay for a busy weekend I guess.


Please consider this


Dear supporter,

I am writing to ask you to complete WaterAid's online petition to the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, as a matter of urgency.

There is just one month to go until world leaders meet for the annual G8 summit, where many high level, global decisions are made.

The summit provides a key opportunity for world leaders to address the ongoing global water and sanitation crisis. Therefore it is crucial for us to build as much public pressure as possible ahead of this key influencing opportunity.

WaterAid is urging the UK Prime Minister to be a 'Sanitation Champion', by encouraging him to talk taps and toilets with other world leaders. Let's flood him with a unified call tourgently act to address the global water and sanitation crisis.

It's really simple to add your voice to the campaign and will take less than a minute. Simply follow the link below. Please also encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to sign the campaign too. Your actions really do make a difference, please forward this email.

Thank you for your ongoing support of WaterAid. Together we can help achieve lasting political change.

Sign the online petition at www.wateraid.org/champion

Barbara Frost
Chief Executive



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