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U Read It Here First


I have been saying this to friends for a while now: Chelsea win win at least 2 out of 4 this season - and I think they'll do a Treble.

Let me explain why: The Pressure is on a young team at Man Utd. Chelsea are therefore allowed to play freely - and they have a LOAD of big game, big name players.

So expect Chelsea to take: The Premiership, The FA Cup and Champions League.

Man Utd - well, not yet.



Football fans MUST see this clip of Lionel Messi of Barcelona (& Argentina) scoring a wonder goal against Getafe.

Absolutely fabulous.

A reason to presume innocence...


The following story illustrates why we should presume innocence and not let the government extend lock-up time without charge to 90 days.


Humans make mistakes. Ergo policies and processes should be in place to ensure guilt is proven before someone is put away.

The founding fathers of civilisation demanded this. We should ask for nothing less.

From Metal to Fibre


Inevitably we are moving from Metal back to Nature - realising that all that glitters is not gold. Uniquely we still all desire huge pots of gold, so expect to see Monsanto or another such golddigger 'patent' the bumblebee. Or maybe they will patent the : fast growing, no flower pollination needing, foodstock.

Then who needs the bumblebee anyway?


Notice how everyone is talking about bumblebees now - first the fact that mobile masts and phones are destroying their colonies, to the fact that their pollen source is deteriorating.

Beware the mobile phone...


I have openly stated that Mobile Phone Radiation is a large unknown that we must be wary of. Obviously studies are still ongoing about this - heck, it was only in 1999 that the mobile started to really take off in a big way. Masts are popping up all over the place. The fear was largely related to close-proximity tumours and brain cell damage.

Well now there is another, very odd, chaos-effect theory that is quite unusual, but concerning for those who understand how crops actually grow and flower:

Independent Story

Remember, slider, mini, ultra thin, 12mpx phones are great, but do check the S.A.R. - something below 0.7 is OK - maybe..perhaps..who knows!

Censorship of information begins


In a democracy, what exactly is freedom?



Danger Will Robinson, Danger!


This is something we should be afraid of:



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