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How to boost confidence


There are times when we all face a moment of serious self doubt. When we wonder if we are cut out for something.

I happen to face that demon regularly. Largely because i know what i dont know outweighs that which i do know.

So how do you overcome this?

I found the most wonderful thing to do is to think of what it was like as a kid, running around care free.

You see, kids are just adults who know better. They enjoy every moment and when they are bored, they let you know.

So, rather than harumphinging at your next meeting and stating you are bored, rather than running around the room skippring away, just sit back and think of rolly polly down a hill.

When you are faced with doubt, rememeber that once you were alive with imagination and nothing was impossible. Remember that those feelings can reappear, you just have to let go.

Summary - just because you are in a suit, office, situation where you feel out of whack and unable to function, doesnt mean you arent alive and it doesnt mean i wont play hide and seek with you...

Live a little today, not tomorrow.

The nature of man - in suit and shorts


Once more, i am forced to evaluate the nature of man. Why is it that some look to find happiness, superiority and satisfaction in the destruction of others?

Is such a trait a manifestation of our core behaviour of survival and tribal instinct? Is it just sheer animal nature?

If so, can one safely conclude that those that exhibit this behaviour are not evolving, but devolving? What is evolution in this sense? A great book by EOWilson (Consilience) hints that civilisation was a tool created by man to assist evolution of the mind via culture. Thus when we see men (and women) bathe in the destruction and humiliation of others, are we witnessing devolution of the mind and culture?

Of course, if we could answer this, we would all be eminent professors, and possibly noble prize winners. However, we are merely beings passing through, watching the drama unfold - and wondering...will turkey or croatia EVER decide to try to score a goal in this dull and dreary match...

Supporting my 2nd home (to be)


This euro 08, I'm supporting Spain - soon to be my 2nd home.

Viva Espana

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