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Shaving like wot Dad did

On Xmas eve, I awoke and had a shave, with this. Its a parker interceptor double edge blade razor, the kind my Dad used. Why, in this era of five blade gillette razors, would I go for this?

Well I have been using shaving soap for a long time, over 8 years now. My wife bought me a top notch brush for valentines many years ago, and since I've been enjoying lathering up using this traditional method.

My issues with razors is blogged here for many years (search for it ;) and of late I've been preferring the Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 disposables. They are great for head shaving. I have an issue with cost though, and so buy them in bulk from boots.com whenever they have an offer. On these grounds I decided to look at the resurgence in DE razors - due to the cheapness of the blades.

Blades definitely are cheap, and oddly shaving with a single blade is a 'noisy' affair. You can hear the blade shear through the beard. A good lather avoids any issues and friction, and I've learnt to lather twice using the same brush-prep.

Sure it takes longer in the morning, but you know, I quite enjoy the chance to listen to radio 3 and engage in a bit of a ritual.


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