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The year of living...


Its inevitable isn't it - we have new years resolutions and we try to keep to them for, oh, all of January. Then they fall by the wayside, and its back to the same old same old.

This year is my year of wisdom.

Its a big word, and I'm just a small human, yet I try. One aspect of what I'm trying to be wise about, is efficiency with my time. It is something I cannot buy, something I lose every second, something I value, and the only currency I have to offer those whom I love and cherish. Yet, now and then, I urm...waste it doing dumb things. Don't we all eh?

Anyway - quest continues to figure out how to do things swiftly and cleanly. I changed my moleskine to a Muji blank page book. I changed my montblancs to uniballs and faber-castells. I still carry those index cards but I kind of, well, not sure how to use them anymore now that I have an iphone with evernote and reqall.  And then I notice interesting things online that try to help...

Do quests ever end?



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