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For those of you who are without a laptop...

...much like I was today, here is a solution your company should invest in:

http://www.vmware.com/products/view/ - it is called VDI, and it puts your desktop in 'the cloud' (so to speak) so that you can access your mail, files, settings from anywhere.

The problem we have with most UK companies, is that they lack trust of employees, and they are fixated on the need for tethered fat-client computing. The blackberry, the iphone are showing that semi-tethered solutions are great, and if connectivity is near-ubiquitous, you can do really well.

This way, should you be at home and without a laptop, you can access your stuff if you have broadband. Also, if you move to a new floor or office, you just, well move...

Sorry /geek


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