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The Turning Point

The SDC have somehow managed to come about, from a government that on one hand is prepared to talk a green talk, but walks a carbon loaded big brother walk. Anyway, J Porritt says we are entering a pretty interesting period. BusinessGreen suggest we need to rethink certain aspects of our IT planning.

Well, here's what I think. You're darned right. Just we all wait for those rolling blackouts to hit us, then we'll be pretty interested in how things work. Oh and all that data we store in a cloud, when the cables get cut, well we might never get access back. And the sustainability of powering massive data centres that sit there inefficiently using power - well more tornado forces I guess.

I'd like to join a firm or group of people that are interested in doing things differently. I believe now is the time to make a difference. Wonder if the govt actually want to hire forward thinkers or kowtowers? :)

Be safe!


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