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Friday 13th

A bad day if you live anywhere near Jason Voerhees.

I've decided to book a Cottage for a Xmas getaway. Its bloody hard finding one when you haven't a clue what is good or where to start.

Damo is down in London for Aug 24th, so will wander around town with him. We usually find good stuff to buy and do when he's in town, so that will be good.

The weather here is bad. Rain and cold. Its August for goodness sake, damn Greenhouse Effect.

Colin Forbes new book Blood Storm is out soon. Eagerly awaited....

Patricia's new book Trace is also out soon.

Gossip on the street is that a neighbour's daugher has run away, and has told her parents to not come looking for her. The family is largely disfunctional, with my elderly neighbour commenting that the parents in question argue infront of strangers and in one situation the mother told the father to 'shut you mouth you idiot' in front of the builders and said elderly neighbour. Needless to say we were all rather shocked to hear of such crass behaviour from parents. Sign of the times I guess.

My food diary is shocking, most shocking. I have no water in me. How am I surviving? Answers on a postcard please...



  1. Blogger Damo says @ 8:14 pm
    My recommendation? Lake District.

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