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Saturday Night Special

I've finally managed to complete viewing the 3rd Series of 24. I got it Wednesday night, and finished it this morning at 4am. It was an absolute rollercoaster of a ride. I won't divuldge too much of what happens, as I know at least one person who has yet to watch all 3 series!!!! But I will say that I really enjoyed the mental pace.

Am off tonight to a Saturday Night Patrons Dinner at the Hare Krishna Temple. Seems my in-laws to be are patrons and would like my family to attend. We shall be rather uncomfortable hob knobbing with the richer folk, but we'll have fun I'm sure.

Today I got a square battery for my old Remote Controlled Car that I got back in Xmas 2001. The kids absolutely went wild, and were fighting to play with it. Initially I scared the pants off my youngest neice, who then became Queen Hoarde of the machine. Luckily they have worn out the battery already!!!

And a word about my lady. She totally amazed me with her gift to me yesterday, I am most chuffed.



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