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Wednesday closes

Indeed today was an interesting day indeed. Work posed the most interesting changes in persons, as abrasive behaviour was no longer shown in certain areas (though there were occassional bouts of stupidity). Then my blog gets an unheard of in ages vistor, who introduces me to Book Crossing. I've joined up (my membername is birdynumnum) and will be releasing my first book into the wild. I'm very excited about this.

Also I've had a Golf Game arranged with my old Scientist pals, for Sat 14th. This should be a most interesting day, as the last one was full of hilarious incidents and moments of absolute brilliance.

The commute home was normal, 1hr 40mins. Not bad really. Very warm though, very nice.



  1. Blogger Damo says @ 10:47 pm
    Gotta say, my job may not be perfect but I do like having a 5 minute commute!
  2. Blogger SwissToni says @ 7:19 pm
    Bookcrossing rocks. You wait until you get in on the Bookrings / bookrays - you end up reading (and enjoying) stuff you might otherwise never have touched...


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