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Xfiles series 2

We completed series 1 on Tuesday night and are 4 episodes into series 2.

Each reminds me of my old days, with my sister and I watching episodes
on a really small b+w tv. Happy then, happy now.

Cruc-the conduit episode is good. I have my own pick but it's not in s1.

There were only two episodes in s1 that were not in the DNA thread of
alien invasion. I hadn't realized then, but the story starts to build
really well, piece by piece.

Icy has never watched xfiles, she's a star trek fan (not me). She's
finding it fascinating, but I am trying to point out that each episode
layers in some thin or thick way. Except those two in s1 and fourth in
s2. can't see how sleep deprivation links to the master scheme?
Perhaps it's just to create a battle force to defeat them?

Anyway, enjoying the marathon.



  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 11:33 pm
    I was actually referring to the "Stretch" episode with Eugene Tooms - the Powhatan Mill murders are described with wonderful creepy description, and the idea of a serial killer stretching back before the introduction of modern forensics is great!

    The idea of the evil creature per season is in homage to the Nightstalker show, where Kolchek battles a different one, but both Tooms' and Fluke stand as great one-offs on their own.

    I like Star Trek as well, but its story arcs only ended up encompassing 5 episodes at a time and only on DS9. Babylon 5 [which was on at the same time] has a greater story arc, starting straight away in the first show.

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