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I expected this...

...one thing I have been debating this with people of late. That if there is a massive depression, and hundreds of thousands are out of work in the UK, then there is going to be a social issue. If you replicate this worldwide, there is going to a war-type issue.

So these banks, well - they are about to cause massive social upheaval. I sincerely hope that crime is not going to escalate too much, that violence is contained, and that the americans lead the way in stopping these so called 'masters of the universe' from living it up in billionaire mansions whilst the world suffers for their incompetence/deceit - you decide which.

Best wishes to all in a tough 2009 - though I hope the tail end picks up.



  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 11:40 pm
    Richard Garside is definitely right on the money where he points out that in times of economic hardship people resort to acquisitive cime.

    We've been told over and over that crime rates are falling, and we get to see Jacqui Smith walking the London street with her 5 police bodyguards and her kevlar vest telling us she finds it perfectly safe. Maybe we should ask her in another 6 months as events continue to downward spiral.

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