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A reason to presume innocence...

The following story illustrates why we should presume innocence and not let the government extend lock-up time without charge to 90 days.


Humans make mistakes. Ergo policies and processes should be in place to ensure guilt is proven before someone is put away.

The founding fathers of civilisation demanded this. We should ask for nothing less.


  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 2:02 pm
    I have to say that is pretty good. I'm amazed the school owned up to it though. Wouldn't it have been better to have kept quiet?

    Maybe he *was* the terrorist! Maybe he timed the call against a pre-recorded phone call just to throw off the scent.

    Check into his past, and his family's past and I'm sure you'll find a Muslim connection. Any connection will do. And if there isn't any found, that just means he covered his tracks so well, he is *obviously* a muslim sympathizer.

    Or a Brazilian. It's hard to tell...
  2. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 5:17 pm
    Innocent - until video evidence proves otherwise:


    Why not lock THEM up?

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