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U Read It Here First

I have been saying this to friends for a while now: Chelsea win win at least 2 out of 4 this season - and I think they'll do a Treble.

Let me explain why: The Pressure is on a young team at Man Utd. Chelsea are therefore allowed to play freely - and they have a LOAD of big game, big name players.

So expect Chelsea to take: The Premiership, The FA Cup and Champions League.

Man Utd - well, not yet.


  1. Blogger SwissToni says @ 9:19 pm
    I had a funny feeling that Man Utd would come down with a bump after that amazing game against Roma, and it looks (at 2-2 as I write) that they may have an uphill battle in Milan (or Meeeeeeelan, as we are supposed to pronounce it in the football world).

    Chelsea seem to have the art of winning when they aren't playing well, and some of their unsung players (like Obi Wan Mikel, or whatever he's called) seem to have been playing fantastically well. How did someone like Essien miss out on the PFA team of the year for all those Man U players?

    I still think Liverpool will beat chelsea though. They just seem smarter in European football.


    Incidentally. I need your mobile phone wisdom as I'm due an upgrade. Should I go for SE? 6300? something else? It's all so difficult!

    You alright?

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