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It makes me wonder

Like suzanne wega said, makes me wonder.

Wonder what i really should do for a living. Back at that old chestnut again. Lots of great ideas but an organisation that does not want to take a big step.

Life is interesting ist it. Just saw a lady at the train station that made me think about my parents, who worked hard and long to give me everything i needed.

Are we all destined to miss life because of work? I was lucky, mum was a housewife after i was born. I got to sponge up her love every minute. Dad worked, i missed cuddles and games with him.

Yet here i am, wondering what will change when i start a family? What progress will i actually make if i miss time with friends and family.

Do i really need all the sh@! That i buy? Probably not. So why buy it?


Damnit i'm failing the test, lemming!

Tnn philosopher wannabe


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 5:31 am
    Work isn't life, it's what you do so you can pay for the things in life that you enjoy. There's a strong tendency here in America to confuse work with life, and it's a real shame. I don't truly know you, but from what I do know of you through blogging, I suspect that when you have children, you will find yourself prioritizing things more easily.

    Every day, just get work out of the way so you can then go about living when you're done.

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