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The nature of man - in suit and shorts

Once more, i am forced to evaluate the nature of man. Why is it that some look to find happiness, superiority and satisfaction in the destruction of others?

Is such a trait a manifestation of our core behaviour of survival and tribal instinct? Is it just sheer animal nature?

If so, can one safely conclude that those that exhibit this behaviour are not evolving, but devolving? What is evolution in this sense? A great book by EOWilson (Consilience) hints that civilisation was a tool created by man to assist evolution of the mind via culture. Thus when we see men (and women) bathe in the destruction and humiliation of others, are we witnessing devolution of the mind and culture?

Of course, if we could answer this, we would all be eminent professors, and possibly noble prize winners. However, we are merely beings passing through, watching the drama unfold - and wondering...will turkey or croatia EVER decide to try to score a goal in this dull and dreary match...


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 6:45 am
    You had me pondering such deep thoughts, right up until the end! I'm afraid I have no answers. *G*
  2. Blogger Crucifer says @ 1:31 pm
    All animals on this planet are territorial. Every skirmish in the history of Mankind has been about territory of one sort or another, be it road rage or world wars.

    Horrible as it sounds, I doubt we would have gotten out of the Neanderthal era if we weren't so territorial.

    And its Turkey and Croatia. >.<

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