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Great Stuff To Buy

Figured I'd pick up on my reviews and recommendations a little more. Starting with what can only be a bargain:

Get Watching:
- This is one Great DVD player - Buy it quick before they sell out!

Get Organised:
- For all of you who are looking for a new PDA, you really can't go wrong with the new Palm Tungsten E

Get Healthy:
- You Are What You Eat

Get Funky:
- Prince releases a live album

Get Sleuthy:
- The DEFINITIVE Sherlock Holmes Collection
- A rather weak er version, but represents my first experience of Sherlock. The Definitive Version above is MUCH MUCH Better

More to come...with serious reviews...



  1. Blogger Damo says @ 10:11 pm
    Bargain! I'll take 50.

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