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Slowly coming round...

A lot has happened since I started using this blog to record my thoughts, interesting items, and events etc. As a result of these changes, my view of life is slowly changing and I'm beginning to find it hard to spare time to sit down and chronicle more of the same. I thought the commute would give me time, but I've ended up spending more of that reading magazines and novels, just to slowly wake me up and calm me down at the start and end of every working day!

Anyway, Xmas approaches and I've taken some time off to help sort out the house (here, here, here), and get the fireplace going - thanks to everyone for giving me some useful tips!

Icy bought her new car on Saturday, it will arrive in January - hopefully she'll be able to get a decent registration that makes some sense!

I mowed the front lawn (its a bit tiny) and picked up the moss-balls that seem to grow on the porch roof and land on the floor every day! I'll have to do a bit-every-day- from now until January to tame the madness.

Task list for the break:
  • tidy front and back gardens - mow lawn, trim edges, hoover up leaves, and throw down more weedkiller
  • understand what we need to plant this xmas to get a nice spring garden (I know nothing of gardening)
  • get someone to come and fix the porch tiles - they are all loose now
  • tidy up the inside of the house and sort out what needs to go in the bin from the garage - want to get some space in there for the new car ;-)
  • sort out the fireplace
  • fix the radiators that are broken :(
  • buy a bed for the bedroom (jan sales probably)
  • get fit (use the 2nd hand exercise bike we bought last weekend :)
  • Visit damo's new flat (he doesn't know that yet, but Icy and I will slowly drive over and just pop in for a day-time visit)
  • relax...
A lot to get done in 1.3 weeks!!!

Oh, and I get a year older on New Years Eve - like I'm looking forward to that!

Through this all I'll be keeping a beedy eye on the ID Card campaign - at a Data Centre for a large financial organisation I was given a fingerprint scan entry to allow me into the bridge area - it didn't recognise my fingerprints even though it had taken them 10 minutes earlier!!!! My confidence in electronic biometric techniques to guarantee identity were NOT improved. I said it to all and sundry that could listen and they agreed - it is not a great system - the readers are flawed, and the smallest of movements as you try to scan the finger and it goes awry. Pointless. I feel that lots of scared policemen and security forces will be on edge due to the fostered culture of fear and they will lock up innocent people for 90 days without trial just because some CRAP software from some IT firm isnt robust enough to match IDs first time.

Bah humbug.


  1. Blogger the urban fox says @ 9:08 pm
    Blimey, it's expensive, intrusive AND ineffective? Good lord.

    Sounds like you have a lot to do this winter. Hope you and Icy get some cosy quiet time in front of your new fire as well.
  2. Blogger Damo says @ 2:30 pm
    I'd better do something about my current flat situation then... should finally be in there soon. It has been a bit of a nightmare, and I'm not going to expand on why on t'web...
  3. Anonymous Eoghan says @ 1:18 pm
    Talking about ID Cards - have you noticed DEFY-ID? (though doesn't look like it's been updated for a while)

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