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Time weaves its magic spell on us all...

A lot has happened to me in the last 2 months, and it looks like the pace of this will not abate.

Through this all, I've learnt a lot of valuable lessons, and I've shared these with everyone ever since - including the readers of this here blog. As in all lessons, being able to learn from them and to apply the learnings effectively is a sign of a modicum of maturity and wisdom. Its this character that I'm trying to foster right now.

With everything going on around me, it seems things can and will get more troublesome. Today it became apparent that the Upper (Onward) Chain of the house I'm trying to buy is dangerously close to going out of time scale on me, oreven collapsing completely. Obviously this is not something I can afford to deal with right now.

So I'm doing my best with the dear Lady to find alternative properties.

One conversation I had with my Manager at work, has led me to apply a lesson I learnt over these past two months to my search. We were talking about our respective careers and ambitions in the near future, and we are both of similar opinions of the outcomes. It was with this knowledge in mind that we discussed the most suitable location of where I should buy a house. It turns out the location of his home is pretty good for me too. With this in mind, the dear Lady and I are going to embark on house hunting this weekend WAAAAY outside London.

And yes, its West of where I am.

Other news:
  • Wedding Invitations have been posted and are being received by guests. I'm receiving lovely compliments on the choice of my card, so am very happy about that (aren't I vain ;-).
  • Dad is so far looking good at home, and slowly getting better and better.
  • Mum is ever so slowly, ever so slowly, improving also and is learning to relax.
  • Other Wedding preparations are now firing up again, much to my Sister's enjoyment.
  • Work is slowing down a tad, though not much.
  • Labour won again, but thankfully with a lower majority - hence making them realise (I hope) that they have to change a few things or face losing next time around. So now, is the Party stronger than Tony Bush?
  • AC Milan are in the finals of the Champions League, facing Liverpool. Hopefully Milan will win again :)
I continue to hope that my time will once again return to me, and I'll be able to continue surfing, reading the blogs I enjoy reading, and participating the active banter that goes on amongst them. Also I am hoping to catch up on the barrage of emails I have so far neglected.

Here's wishing you all well again...


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 9:00 pm
    I'm so glad to hear that the health of your parents is improving. I know what a relief it must be to you. Good luck with the house-hunting!

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