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Mobile Internet

My fascination with mobile internet has been a long one, starting back when I wanted to share my calendar with fellow office workers and family (think blackberry, family ical etc.) I have always chosen a mobile smartphone that allows me to check email and blog whilst on the move. This was largely due to the fact I commuted by train on long journeys, firstly into Paddington and then Waterloo.

For many years I've blogged whilst on the move, and caught up with email. Now I have an iPhone. Despite my dislike of it (poor battery life, iffy reception, no way of getting photos off it, bad camera, stone age mms etc.) it is still the most convenient mobile device (though I do like my work blackberry).

Alas now I'll be driving to work. So what do I do? Well I decided against a £1k GPS navman system in the car, opting instead to rely on an A-Z. Well I don't see Jason Bourne relying on Mr Tom Tom whilst driving a tank like skoda through russia being chased by the mob do you? It means I have to increase my map reading, which is good as it served millions of people well for decades. Also I'd like to increase my memory to beyond three turns in advance - much more fun and challenging than figuring out how to charge a tom tom.

So how to check the mail on the move? Thats where the two strands meet. I've been looking for a good hands free kit for the iphone, and to date this looks like the best. But that's calling. What about email?

Yep, its dangerous to email on the move, but why can't technology manufacturers figure out how to unify things? There is a big screen in the middle console unit of my new car. It will integrate (finally) with my iPod - but not iPhone.

Frankly, this is quite an easy problem to resolve, and I may see myself doing it as a project. But why must it be people like us, and not well paid individuals working for VW.

Yes, I'm getting a VW - like the one above.

When I was a child the Beastie boys used to wear VW signs around their neck, as well as Merc ones. Most of the guys I knew had parents with VWs or Mercs - infact to this date I recall how one chap's Dad was convinced utterly that I was the culprit to take his Merc sign. Dude, I never ever touched it let alone took it! Scarred for life. Anyway, my parents had a Ford, they were teaching me a long game, thats what I know now. The Ford sign never really took off, and nobody took it off.

Now I have a VW. I doubt I'll take the sign off and hang it around my neck. But the price tag of the car, yes its a loadstone. Boo.

Enjoy the week people...


  1. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 9:22 pm
    Actually, will go with a LG Solar Powered Bluetooth hands free next.

    Expect a review soon.
  2. Blogger Aravis says @ 2:35 pm
    I absolutely love my Jetta! Have fun with your new VW. :0)

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