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Herbal Bach Remedy

Trying this:


Rescue Remedy is world famous for quickly restoring inner calm, control
and focus helping you manage your daily stresses and get on with your
life. The distinct 'little yellow bottle' is the only combination remedy
formulated by Dr Edward Bach over 70 years ago, and is relied upon by
millions when things get too much; it really is becoming a handbag, desk
drawer, luggage and glove box essential...

Rescue Remedy is a unique combination of five BachTM Original Flower
Remedies all working on emotional imbalances associated with daily
stressful situations:

Rock Rose Rock Rose - for terror and panic
Impatiens Impatiens - for irritation and impatience
Clematis Clematis - for inattentiveness and to counteract faintness
Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem - for shock
Cherry Plum Cherry Plum - for irrational thoughts and lack of self control

Wonder if it will work?



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