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Danger Will Robinson...Danger

Oh dear.

Icy would like a keyboard, aka digital piano, such that she can learn
new songs for her choir practise.

It appears I will need to buy a keyboard. This means I am currently
thinking - perhaps I should buy a Midi keyboard, that way I can start
making music again. I've a mac, and cakewalk etc would be easy peasy to
run. Urm...danger. I've been known to lock myself away for whole
weekends in a room making music using my old Yamaha SY22, Commodore
, and Music X. Ahh, I was in heaven.

I've four audio tapes (remember them) of compositions. Some rather funky
(composers prerogative).

So, at present I'm thinking I'll stick with Yamaha, and going to go for
a NP30, which is by itself a top class Yamaha piano, as well as a midi
keyboard. That way, in the future, I can expand to some sound modules,
software, mixing desk, amps...you see, its started already!



  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 11:54 pm
    I have a keyboard that I almost never use anymore because of my wrist; it hurts too much after awhile. I'd give you mine, but you're a little far away. Besides, I still like to play sometimes.

    Icy is a lucky woman, if she can fight you off of her keyboard! *G*

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