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In a way I am ashamed...

...it is coming to the end of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. It
is supposed to represent a multitude of the great things of the human
condition, triumph of justice over injustice, good over evil, female
over male etc.

However, I have just now, to the benefit of the internet, seen a clip of
something that makes me ashamed to be associated with people of the same
'following' as me. I am someone who believes in equality, in the basis
of philosophy, that the human mind and being is based on universal
principles that are immutable across time-creed-religion-and country. So
it is with great SHAME that I write this. When people of my
'following/religion/belief system' call for destruction of others it is
embarrassing and upsetting.

How can a place of great tradition, of philosophy of the mind and heart,
spout such CRAP?

So here it is, the mission of tnn - love, peace and harmony to all -
whoever you are, and wherever you are from, whatever you believe and
however you live - as long as your heart is true, your actions good and
your will intact, I stand with you.

And to those of mine, who say such ignorant things - I'm sorry, I'm
above you...can't stand with you at all. You're on your own in the dark,
in the past, and in ignorance.

Happy New Year to the best of us...



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