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As Nelson Mandela would say...

..."I have an iPhone"

at least on Harry Enfield's show he says that.

Yep finally took the plunge and got one. I know its a bad time to get
one, but frankly I just wanted to try it. If they release the god phone
in Feb, who cares. I will stick with that I have until a time when I
need another.

A driving factor in my plunge was that my battery on the Sony Ericsson
P1i was less than good, and it had a terrible habit of 'crashing' half
way through me typing up blog entries or emails. I lived with it for a
while, but then figured 'bah humbug'. And 50 quid down the drain on a
8gb iphone.

The iphone battery, not as great as the p1i battery and i miss the
keyboard already. /moan

Otherwise its fine...

Xmas decorations are going up in shops already. Fab.



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