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I have bleen debating the pros and cons of modern life with colleagues, and we have all agreed that somewhere it started to go wrong.

Its not clear where that was, but what is clear is the fact that society is now a very fragile thing.

Luckily there are still pockets of strength and sense, and whilst we are suffering inflation and an economic slow down, these pockets of strength are stepping up to shape the future.

But in this moment i must ask - all those people that paid a total of 100m for thingscalledart, did they think of how better to spend it? Are they the kind of pocket that will actually thrive whilst most starve?



  1. Blogger Crucifer says @ 1:56 am
    Two things:

    1) Are you asking this question only because in this moment you have realised something has gone wrong in modern life whereas before it would be quite normal for someone to pay 100m for somethingcalledart?

    2) I think they are the kind of pocket that thrives because there are people suffering.

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