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These have piqued my interest lately. I have lots of physical books, and
whilst i appreciate the feel and experience of reading a real book, I
can't help but think I'd be able to free up soooo much space if I let
amazon (where I buy most of my books) be my bookshelf and just 'get'
them when I need them.

That is, ladies and gents, the Kindle's simplicity. Forget its dodgy
v1.0 issues, the fact that four days of battery life isn't fabulous, and
the lack of tablet-pc type browsing capability. Instead concentrate on
the fact that it is many books in one unit.

There are many reviews out there, here's an arbitrary one:

Problem is, when will it be available in the UK?

The best would be:
- make it available in the UK for about 150 quid
- let amazon.co.uk customers 'convert' real books to ebooks for free, I
mean we've paid OTT for paper, emphasise the nature of the beast by
turning bookshelves virtual at no cost
- flat price books at 3 quid
- flat price magazines at 99p

That would all work, because think about it - no more printing and
distribution costs.

Anyway, thats what I would do if I were a billionaire eCommerce dude.



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