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These are the new freedom heroes

Throughout life we go through periods when ordinary people rise high
above tyranny and make changes to the world, for the benefit of us all.

That time is again.

These people
are risking their basic freedom rights, for us.

They are doing it for us. Not for monetary gain, not for fame, not for

They are going to risk going to jail because they want to make sure we
have a world for our children.

I bet that every paper in the land will marginalize this story, that
every journalist will not praise them. Because in the end, we are at a
new juncture in civilization. Whereas once we craved progress, equal
rights for women, freedom for countries in empires, equality of race.
We now want to maintain a status quo. We do not want to give up our
position in the world. We do not want to give up our profits.

Where are the new heroes? They are the ones who are risking personal
freedom, for us all. For our tomorrow. In peace. Without harming others.

Thats where.


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