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I've been thinking lately, asking myself a question that frankly I've lost the answer to: "Who inspires you?"

By that I mean, which persons are role models.

My answers used to be simple, people like Prince, etc. You know the types of role models you have when you are a kid, famous celebrities and so forth.

Now, my answers are changing. Its more like 'my dad' and some of my friends (who are without a doubt the finest persons I have ever been fortunate to meet!) Oddly, I don't really look up to many 'famous' people anymore. I used to read about some of the tech-giants, but even then I lost the interest over time. Now I barely care what some of them do, or what happens to them.

So why this change? Is it just a case of 'maturing'? Do I finally now realise that it is important to excel in the things that pertain to your own personal life? Or is it that celebrity worship and rolemodels are only there for a purpose, to keep you moving in a direction of your choosing?

Regardless of this, I do like my current aspirational personages, they may not be rich, nor have photospreads in magazines, but they inspire me regularly and remind me what it is to be a human, in a world where relationships are the most important thing you can have.

I thank them for it.


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