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Clutter free desks

I have decided to try out some wireless devices for my home study. I have a Logitech wireless desktop keyboard (cheap and cheerful) and a fantastic cordless trackman wheel.

I am a great fan of the trackman devices. They allow me full range of movement of the cursor with little aggrivation of elbow or shoulder joints. The cordless version is just an extension of the concept - without wires of course.

The keyboard is my first external purchase of a keyboard. I usually get second hand ones, or stick with the one that came with my PC (only bought one PC in my lifetime!) Typing on it is not bad, though it does rattle a lot - not a soft touch keyboard and not as quiet as a standard mac keyboard. But again, its wireless and at aonly £18 its a fraction of the price of other devices.

My desk is now cable free. Fab.

Obviously it will be all french when the batteries run out ;-)


  1. Blogger Aravis says @ 7:12 am
    I have a wireless mouse for my laptop at home; I hate mucking about with the touch pad- it makes my fingertips feel a bit fried after awhile. Much happier with my wireless mouse. :0)

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