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Gen Y - Go!

Somebody asked me why I have this new squirmy spiel delegating responsibility for this blog. American Employment Law was my response. I don't work for an American company, but as in all things, we adopt American practices. I essentially sign my life, my views, my ideas, my life away, as do we all, when we get a job.

It is for this reason I want Generation Y to step up to the plate, with huge big brass kahoonies, and say to the world - STOP!

I want Gen Y to push for a 3-day week. I want them to say to big-suit-man, NO! I will not sign up to this ridiculous idea of existing to serve. I want to enjoy life. I want a 3 day week.

Let us examine the impact of this.

  • The world will stop. Probably not, it will keep turning, day will turn to night, night will turn to day.
  • Not stop literally fool, just stop being as cool and fun as it is. Sure, things would be different, but how cool and fun is it really?
  • People would starve to death. Sorry to burst your bubble, they already do even though we work 5-day weeks.
  • Progress will stop. Not really, think about it, you can't stop invention - hence why employers want to OWN every idea that comes up.
  • The economy will perish and die, so will you. Will it? Will you? If you worked say mon-wed, and someone worked thu-sat, and you all chilled out on Sunday, what would that mean? It would mean that productivity will rise by one more day, more people will have jobs, and yes perhaps there will be a net-effect of no gain, but two people have jobs instead of one.
  • But employers wont stand for it. Generation Y, you have the power. Just dont take a job that doesnt offer it. A coordinated refusal will mean they HAVE to.
  • Millionaires will get angry. Of course they will, they get rich on the back of effort of others whilst margin management delivers profit.
  • You won't get rich. Yes you will, your life will become richer than it ever was.

Its a fantasy for us, but not for Generation Y. They will hopefully see, we are no longer truly in harmony with life or the environment.

Lets start living beyond our own lifetime.



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