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Thank crunchie

Another week ends. Synergy and disharmony unravel. I noticed that swiss toni is a union rep. Very good. I attended my company's disciplinary course. Very shocking. My view is that some firms actually dont give a damn about you. And that includes your managers.

I need to form my own firm. Could also do wirth firm form, but ninja training is helping there.

Anyway its friday. I must open a new savings account this weekend. Have to keep on finances now, spent far too much on my holiday.

Politics. I am fed up of vision-less bland politicians who vomit blurb about stuff they have never seriously studied. Id cards on govt hands precisely because data can be so easily lost (by said govt btw). Ffs.

Give them all 30k salaries. They dont deserve a penny more. Oh and no expenses!




  1. Anonymous Anonymous says @ 9:52 pm
    Birdie I think you need to get a greater perspective on things.
    Here is a starter:

    Now play around with some of the numbers, you can change the X and Y axes. Look at world population. Look at CO2. Now think where it's all heading. Go figure.

    Don't even waste a thought on politics, it's a non-issue...

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