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Putting it on the line

.I've had many wacky ideas before, and oddly over time some of them have appeared.

So i thought as an experiment i'l put some up. Why? Because after years of collecting lp, cd, dvd i began asking why i couldnt get media on a memory chip. Now you can, via flash rom cards. No moving parts and density galore.

So what else do i think?

- bonjour via mobiles. We have bluetooth. We have sms. Sms or chat via a bonjour autodiscovery network at short range is next.

- blackberrymania. The iphone or rim, concept is email and text chat on your mobile.

- unified transmission. Ever wondered why mobile companies have to put up and manage their own masts? They will converge, selling them to or creating a shared carrier.

- commuter rebelion. Watch for less out of towners commuting in to work. Savvy yankee firms offering flexiwork will grab more people.

- small laptops. Yes of the 11inch or smaller kind. Airbook is not it. Its still big. Trust me.

- kindle. Yes. If besos gets his debug and r2 right, its gonna work. Imagine it one device to read but your library is permanent and held online and globally accessible, even if only via amazon. I'm sold.

- sony cyberman. Convergence you chaps. Put your best cam on your best phone and add best walkman. Iphone will finally have a rival. Oh yes, see blackberrymania above for what to put on the device.

- linux. Yes. Yes. Yes. Time approaches where critical mass is only hurdle for free os and opensource computing in your home.

- tvputer. Think about it.

Thats it for now. Ive many more but this p1i has a iffy tiny keyboard.



  1. Anonymous Mike says @ 9:39 pm
    OLPC XO!

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