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Make governance accessible

There is much to be said about honesty in all walks of life. Without this we would be constant victims of fraudsters and not have any genuine relationships. It is with in mind that i stand frustrated by our collective leadership.

We are a nation that is approaching critical junctures where our behaviour and action will have permanent and critical effect.

So why are our leaders at local and national level so shifty?

Is governing a business or skill.

Therein lies the solution i think.

We should flatten wages to 50k. No additional work or sponsorship allowed. That way they live in the commons and can therefore manage the commons better.

Tell me, do you think a billionaire has your best interests at heart in any deal? So why then do we believe mps do, whilst they earn more than gps and do, apparently very little.

Question this. Think it through. Make the change happen.



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