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Linux for the masses

My sister called this morning, saying she wanted to spend money on a PC
for her kids.

I told her that in reality, they just needed a Linux machine. "A what?"
she replied. So after a discussion with Icy, we decided to donate my old
NEC PC to the kids. We had already donated a custom built laptop to
them, but urr, they have managed to demolish it. You see, they don't
consider laptops fancy, only desktops. Odd.

Anyway, my NEC PC was bought in 1998. Its a very old Intel Pentium P3.
133MHz, 512MB machine. I decided to use XUBUNTU - a very lightweight and
slick Linux distribution for such old machines.

Its fab. It does a lot of stuff.

In reality, I have to wonder now - why oh why should kids need a PC with
Windows bloatware on it? Lots of licensing to worry about, viruses, and
the need to increase the hardware spec every time the OS changes.

For those who want to revive an old PC - I recommend Xubuntu.


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